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We understand the importance of finding a quality day care center for your little ones


6 WKS -1 YR

Enjoy your day knowing that your little one feels at home here at Pinewood Academy. We go the extra mile to help each child develop and reach their unique milestones.

Young Toddlers

1-2 YRS

Each child learns and develops differently. Here at Pinewood Academy our highly educated curriculum is thoughtfully created to each child's unique development, regardless of age.


2-4 YRS

Toddlers love to explore and stay active. We will do that and much more! At Pinewood Academy our curriculum will get your toddler ready for preschool and beyond!

About Us

Our Philosophy

Pinewood Academy offers the best quality care and education for children. Our teaching philosophy stems from Piaget. We offer the children opportunities to learn through play, and the multiple intelligences. We believe that all children are destined for greatness.

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